About PCO

PCO Europe B.V., a leading manufacturer and supplier of printing chemicals for the offset printing industry, was first established in 1976. During these days the company positioned itself as a specialist and advanced fountain solution concentrates supplier with a continuing investment in research and development.

A modern and extensive R&D facility with self-certification qualifications, a varied team of specialists and more over the willingness to offer tailor made products to the needs of the end-user, have been key of its success.

PCO Europe B.V. has demonstrated it has a documented and implemented quality management system that conforms to the standard; NEN-EN-ISO 9001-2008.

PCO - Company

Dyna Solar
Print Graph
Printgraph group company

Printgraph was first established more than 50 years aging in 1961. The company has demonstrated to be an expert in the sales and distribution of high quality compressible offset printing blankets VULCAN® on the Italian market.

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PCO EASTGATE is a partner of PCO Europe manufacturing and distributing its own products for printing industry in over 70 countries around the world.

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