UV Coating Brightening solutions for UV finishing

The Dyna Kure product line of UV curable overprint varnishes can fulfill every printers' and its customers' need for the print finishing on paper, carton board, metallized laminated paper, film laminated paper and carton board, plastics and plastic film. UV Coating Brightening solutions for UV finishing.

Thanks to the wide variety of products of the Dyna Kure line, the finishing of book and magazine covers, general purpose and food packaging, labels and self adhesive labels becomes easy, simple and really efficient.


  • Maximize value of high print quality
  • Faster move on the finishing process:
  • Quick curing speed results in instant drying of the coated substrate
  • High gloss
  • No emissions of solvents
  • Adding durability to the printed matter

As for food packaging, it is worth mentioning the low odour and low migration varnishes that allow a safe printing without the risk of food contamination.

The Dyna Kure coatings are available for flexography, roller coating, dry and wet offset, silk screen printing at different viscosities and characteristics as overprintability, gluability, slip, adhesion, release, gloss, flexibility and so on

Moreover, the Dyna Kure line includes special coatings to enrich the print finishing: matt-glossy effect varnishes, gold and silver coatings, pearlescent finishing, glitters, liquid crystal based coating, rough-touch, soft-touch and rubber-like finishing allowing industrial printing at the highest quality level.

A full range of additives completes the Dyna Kure line allowing the printer to solve any printing problem with the available coatings.

Last but not least, the overprint varnishes of Dyna Kure line are formulated in order to minimize the health risk level for the workers: the irritancy and sensitization levels are as low as possible, no toxicity and no use of materials that can be dangerous for fertility and reproductivity.

Our commercial service is always available to answer to every enquiry on the Dyna Kure product line and to assist our dealers and customers to select the right product out of our wide range.

Application Field Printing Systems Substrate Main characteristics
All purpose packaging Flexo, roller coater, offset press Carton board, metallic laminated board Hi-gloss, satin, matt. Overprintable, anti-penetration.
Food Packaging Gravure, flexo, roller coater, offset press Carton board, PE laminated board Low odour, benzophenone-free, low migration.
Commercial Printing Flexo, roller coater, offset press Paper, carton board Hi-gloss, satin, matt. Anti-penetration.
Label printing Narrow web flexo, letterpress, offset press, screen printing Paper, PVC, PE, PP PET Hi-gloss, satin, matt. Overprintable, anti-penetration, low odour.
Screen printing Flat-bed and rotary silk screen press Paper, PVC, PE, PP PET, laminated paper Hi-gloss, satin, matt. Overprintable, low odour
Special Effects All All Gloss-matt effect, silver and gold, pearlescent, glittering.

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