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Dyna Solar Cleaner - Information and instructions

Dyna Solar Cleaner is a concentrated water based cleaner, ideal for cleaning solar and photovoltaic panels, which needs to be diluted before use. Its characteristics allow to effectively remove the deposits of smog, grease, limestone and other types of deposits that build up on the surface of the glass panel. Thanks to its active formulation, Dyna Solar Cleaner leaves on the panels a protective antistatic film that reduces deposit and accumulation of dust, consequently increasing the maintenance cycle time. Dyna Solar Cleaner cleans aluminum frames and rubber seals too. It 's an inexpensive and environment friendly product and easy biodegradable.

Instruction for use:

  1. Dilute product with a ratio of 1:20 with demineralised water
  2. Apply on the panel so that it is thoroughly wet (apply by a spray or drip system, or by its proper spray or with a clean cloth soaked with the product)
  3. Gently wipe the surface with soft pads or brushes or squegees

The product is not harmful for the environment and it is easily biodegradable.

Recommendations for use:

  • Test the product on a small area in order to check the result
  • Operate at temperature between +5 and +35
  • Read instructions carefully before use


  • Clean surfaces with one only product
  • pH not acid
  • Does not provoke corrosion of any part


  • Plastic containers 10 and 20 liters
  • Plastic drums 200 liters
  • 1000 liters IBC

Product storage conditions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from frost

Dyna Solar
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