PCO EastGate

The success of PCO Europe B.V. in the Asian Pacific Region and the willingness to broaden its activities with a local significant market presence in this important area, led to the foundation of PCO EastGate. Based in the Selangor State of Malaysia. PCO EastGate Sdn Bhd began its first step in 2009 in partnership with PCO Europe B.V. The company has a team of experts with a proven track record of existing knowledge and experience in the offset printing industry. A dedicated and highly qualified local management makes PCO EastGate a powerful force. PCO EastGate opened PCO Siam, a new branch located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Epple Druckfarben AG

In 2020 Epple Druckfarben AG, Neusäß Germany, a leading manufacturer of sheet-fed offset inks and coatings, has increased its shares in PCO Europe B.V. to 100 percent. This opens a great potential for intensive technological cooperation. PCO Europe B.V. and Epple Druckfarben AG can optimally coordinate printing inks, additives and coatings for the respective printing processes. In this way customers will be supported in successfully mastering their daily challenges in the areas of quality, cost savings, environmental responsibility and stable production.