Fountain solution concentrates have been for years the core range products of PCO Europe B.V. strongly influenced by the development of isopropyl alcohol eliminating founts. Selected products also fulfil the requirements of the most important press manufacturers. During the last decade PCO Europe B.V. has expanded its supplies with an all-round pressroom chemistry product range for all sectors of the offset market: heatset, sheet-fed and of course for newspapers.

The current Dyna® pressroom portfolio includes:

  • Fountain solution concentrates
  • Roller & blanket washes
  • UV-coatings
  • Plate chemistry
  • Anti-set-off powder
  • Silicone emulsions
  • Folding glues
  • Supporting auxiliaries

Continuous research and innovative thinking combined with consolidated knowledge in the chemical and physical properties of the water-based pressroom chemistry led PCO Europe B.V. to expand the Dyna® range to high quality water-based cleaners like solar panel and other industrial cleaners, contributing to sustainable economy.

In addition to a first-class performance PCO Europe B.V. focuses especially on those aspects, which contribute towards creation of a clean and eco-friendly environment.

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Our Products


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